Seiko SSC095 Black IP Solar Chronograph Watch Review

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Finished with Black Ion Plating, the Seiko SSC095 solar chronograph watch is oozing with style. The accurate, solar-powered quartz movement of the watch eliminates the need for battery replacements and instead gets it juice from both natural and artificial light around you.

A hardlex window cover provides a protective, clear view on the dial while a 3-subdial chronograph gives the watch that extra functionality. With a case, bracelet, and stationary bezel made from stainless steel, the SSC095 is a timekeeping toughie that will stay accurate and fashionable for the years to come.

Key features of the Seiko SSC095

Solar-powered quartz movement

To ensure timekeeping precision, the SSC095 is centered on a caliber V172 Japanese quartz movement. As it’s solar-powered, the SSC095 means that it doesn’t depend on batteries to run. Instead, it harnesses the power of the light around you and turns it into the energy that keeps the watch movement going.

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The charge can last up to 6 months without sunlight before needing a recharge. Despite its name, the watch doesn’t recharge on solar light alone, as artificial light can give it the juice that it needs to run.

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Hardlex window display


Seiko uses a range of crystals for their dial windows, ranging from acrylic crystals on cheaper models to Sapphire crystals on their higher-end watches. The Seiko SSC095 however, employs Hardlex mineral which is made from heated barium and silicon.

This gives the watch that extra hardness to resist marring and scratches. While sapphire is known to be more scratch-resistant, the Hardlex material is more flexible yet tougher so it can withstand serious impacts much better.

Black ion plate finish

The case, bracelet, and stationary bezel of the Seiko SSC095 are all made with solid stainless steel. This makes the watch not only fashionable but also allows scratches to be buffed out with relative ease. Instead of the usual PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition coats, the black theme of the watch is owed to the Black Ion Plate finish that its stainless steel components went through.

Compared to PVD coats that have a matte or flat black appearance, the Black Ion Plating is shinier with its glossy finish. Aesthetics aside, the Black IP coating also provides added protection for the watch to resist against scratches and impacts. This ensures that the SSC095 can hold up well against the test of time and maintain its timeless luster effortlessly.

Seiko-SSC095-4aDial and chronograph

To complement the Black Ion Plate finish, Seiko gave the SSC095 a black dial with matching silver-toned hour markers and hands. Stick-type minute markers are set around the outer rim for easy viewing, while the luminescent hands and markers light up automatically when in the dark.

Date is displayed at the 3 o’clock mark and the Chronograph features 3 sub-dials, namely the 60 second, 30 minute, and 12 hour display. Plus, there’s also a compass and alarm for added functionality.

Additional information

The Seiko SSC095 Black IP Solar Chronograph Watch has a case diameter of 42 millimeters and thickness of 13 millimeters. Its bracelet has a Men’s Standard length of 8.5 inches and thickness of 13 millimeters.

The watch is secured by a deployment clasp with double push-button safety and comes in an authentic Seiko presentation box. The SSC095 tips the scales at approximately 8 ounces and is covered by Seiko’s 3-year limited warranty on parts and service.

The good stuff…

Let’s start with the looks of this little beauty, as they simply are stunning! You can’t really appreciate the full beauty of the SSC095 until you see it for real, as the black ion really does stand out well. The way that Seiko has set out the face of the watch is very stylish, with the 3 sub-dials and the second and minute digits. All of the sub-dials, along with the main dial are very easy to read.


The watch uses solar to power it. Seiko has developed a very effective system that is reliable and will keep your watched powered for months on end before running down. It only runs down if it has not been exposed to any light, so unless you keep it locked away in a draw for months at a time it should always be powered up.

The Seiko SSC095 is very versatile in regards to what it can be worn with. It is certainly a great accessory to a business suit, just as much as it is to a casual getup. It is also very resistant to scratching and scuffs, so if it does get bumped and knocked it will be able to stand up to it all well. We also love the value you get with this watch, it really does offer a lot of quality for the price.


We also love the micro adjustment sizing which allows the watch to fit perfectly no matter what size your wrist is.

And the bad…

The date window…what’s going on with that!? To see the date through the tiny window Seiko has provided on the SSC095 is a bit of a struggle at a quick glance. You do need to have a good stare at it to see what that date is. Not only is the window small, but it also has a black background too, so it kind of blends in with the main face of the watch.

The alarm on the SSC095 is certainly not the loudest you will find on a wrist watch, so don’t rely on it to wake you up from a deep slumber. It will serve its purpose if you want to be reminded of a meeting, or when your favorite TV program is about to start, but don’t use it as your sole method of waking in the morning, otherwise you could be late for work on a regular basis.

Is the Seiko SSC095 solar watch right for you?

If you decide to get this watch you will be getting a very good quality, high-tech time piece that certainly looks and operates way above its price tag. The Seiko SSC095 is a reliable watch that is very easy to use. It looks great, and can be worn with a whole range of clothing. Definitely a watch the over-delivers and provides great value for money.

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