Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

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When Citizen released their Eco-Drive technology back in 1995, it really took the watch-world by storm. What they had done with this innovative technology was to eliminate the need for watches to be powered by batteries.

The Citizen Eco-Drive watch could be powered by light, both natural and man-made light. This was a major USP for Citizen when it was first introduced, as it still is today, which goes to show just how big this was.

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Of course it was also a very popular feature for the consumer as well, so it really was a major introduction to the way watches are powered. For those who do their best to save the environment also loved this technology, as it eliminates the need for batteries that can leak and become toxic when disposed of.

By 2007, Citizen had estimated that it had stopped the disposal of around 10 million batteries in North America alone, by using the Eco-Drive technology.

How the Citizen Eco-Drive technology works

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Some Citizen Eco-Drive watch examples

Citizen AT8010-58e

Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

The Citizen AT8010-58e is a very smart and stylish watch with a stainless steel band and a stunning black dial. This watch can be worn in a wide range of occasions, from casual to business attire and has a lot of functionality if you wanted to wear it while you were doing any fitness training too. The textured scallop design of the watch face really catches the eye and adds a lot of aesthetical appeal to the watch.

The AT8010-58e is part of the ‘AT’ range of Citizen Eco-Drive watches. The AT stands for “Automatic Timing”, and this technology ensures that the time is kept accurate to the second in 26 countries around the world. The watch has a radio controller built into it, and it communicates with the central timing and keeps itself to this time exactly. So you never have to worry about the watch stopping, or being at the wrong time, it is basically completely maintenance-free.

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Citizen AT9010-52m


The AT9010-52m is another Citizen Eco-Drive watch that is part of the AT range. It uses the automatic timing to keep it accurate to the second at all times, without you having to do anything. The Eco-Drive technology used to power the watch runs just by exposing the watch to light, and this can be natural light when you are outside, or man-made light such as your bedside lamp.

The stainless steel band and case is offset by the striking blue watch face. The main dial also features 2 sub-dials, as well as the date. There is also a power reserve indicator built into the Citizen AT9010-52m watch, so if it starts to run a bit low on power it will alert you and you can ensure that the watch is exposed to light so it will begin recharging again. There is also an alarm built into the watch, so you can be alerted to any important meetings you have throughout your day.

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Citizen AT9015-08e


If you prefer a darker color for your watch, the Citizen AT9015-08e is an ideal choice. This watch has a black ion plated solid stainless steel band and case, along with a fixed bezel of the same color too. The black dial is beautifully accented with the bright orange numbers and second hand, while the hour and minute hands are a striking silver color. It all goes together so well, and really does have masses of appeal to it.

But the Citizen AT9015-08e is certainly not just about the looks; it also performs just as well as it looks too. Using the Eco-Drive system to power the Japanese quartz solar movement, it runs incredibly smoothly and accurately. Being another member of the AT range, you never have to worry about the watch losing time either, as it will keep itself on time to the second via the built-in radio control technology it uses.

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Citizen BM8475-26E


If you want a more subtle design for your Citizen Eco-Drive watch, then check out the BM8475-26E. With no sub-dials to clutter up the watch face, or elaborate design features that add more to the price, the Citizen BM8475-26E is a mixture of simplicity and quality all in the same package. The classic brown leather strap goes perfectly with the black ion plated stainless steel case. The watch face is black, and uses the stunning orange digits to accent it.

Although the BM8475-26E watch has been made with a minimalistic design, it still uses the excellent Eco-Drive technology to power it. This coupled with the Japanese quartz movement really gives you that reliability you want from a watch that can potentially serve you well for many years. This watch is the perfect example of a watch that looks great with such a simple design. It also provides excellent value for money, especially considering the technology used to power it.

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Which Citizen Eco-Drive watch is right for you?

These are just a few of the many Eco-Drive watches in the range. No matter what your taste is, you will be able to find a Citizen Eco-Drive watch that meets your requirements. The Eco-Drive technology eliminates the need for a battery to power the watch, which is also good for the environment too. There are many more Citizen Eco-Drive watches available, we have reviews of many of them on our site here at, so you can make a more informed decision about any your are interested in.

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