Citizen AT9010-52M Eco-Drive LE Watch Review

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Citizen takes a bold step and gives the Eco-Drive series a fresh new look with the AT9010-52M World Time Sports Watch. Inspired by superstar quarterback Eli Manning, the Citizen AT9010-52M bears the classic look of the New York Giants with its blue dial and red accents.

The watch offers atomic timekeeping and sync with time adjustments of up to 26 different time zones, including Los Angeles, Sydney, London, Riyadh, Tokyo, Bangkok, and more.

As a special limited edition entry to the Eco-Drive range, the AT9010-52M is limited to 2,500 pieces only and comes in its own leather presentation box, making it perfect for collectors and for a gift too.

Key features of the Citizen AT9010-52M

Radio-controlled atomic timekeeping

The “AT” in the model name stands for Atomic Timekeeping. Simply put, atomic timekeeping is the most precise among timepieces as it was designed to measure the time based on the vibrations within atomic levels.

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Combined with the technologically advanced radio-controlled function that syncs with 26 different time zones across the globe, the timepiece receives data several times a day systematically and adjusts the time and date automatically for you. This ensures that you get only precision-perfect time even when you’re constantly traveling around the world.

Eco-drive series

Eco-Drive is Citizen’s version of solar power. It absorbs the energy from natural and artificial light sources and turns it into the fuel that the watch needs to run on. There’s no energy wasted here, as this eco-friendly system comes with a titanium lithium ion battery that automatically charges itself when the solar cells are fully-powered.

Citizen AT9010-52M review

This lets the watch last up to 6 months in the dark before requiring a recharge. Plus, there’s a nifty sleep mode that activates itself when you’ve been in the dark for more than 30 minutes. This feature adds another 4 months to its power backup, which equals to a total of 10 months in the dark before dying out.

Stainless steel case and bracelet


While other Eco-Drive watches have a stainless steel and polyurethane combo for the bracelet, Citizen decided to give the AT9010-52M a classic, all-stainless steel design from the bracelet all the way to the case. This means that it won’t be easily scratched like titanium, and if ever light scratches occur, they can always be buffed out. This also means that repairs and gold plating are possible options to pursue in the future.

Dial and cover

What better way to pay homage to the New York Giants’ Eli Manning but with a blue and red themed dial design? The blue dial features a perpetual calendar and day display at the 3 o’clock position. There are also a couple of red accents that complete the NY Giants theme, along with silver-toned numerals and a luminous second hand. Covering the dial is a protective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective feature for easy viewing.

Additional information


The Citizen AT9010-52M Eli-Manning World Time Sports Watch has a case size of 43 millimeters wide and 12 millimeters thick. Its bracelet has a Men’s Standard length of 8.5 inches and width of 22 millimeters.

The watch is water-resistant up to 660 feet (200 meters), making it ideal for showering, swimming, and snorkeling. It weighs approximately 15 ounces and is covered by Citizen’s 5-year limited warranty on parts and service.

The Pros…

Although this watch has an Eli Manning theme to it, don’t think you have to be a fan of either Ely Manny, or football in general to wear this watch. The color system used for the watch is very eye-catching, and it all adds to the overall aesthetics for the watch.

You are getting a lot of the high-end technology that Citizen put into their watches with the AT9010-52M. The Eco-Drive system may not be new anymore, but it is still revolutionary and way ahead of its time. The Atomic timing system allows you to set-and-forget the time for good, so you never have to worry about the watch ever losing time, or even changing to the right time when you go abroad.

The Citizen AT9010-52M looks stunning, and runs like a dream. It also provides incredible value for money too. You would expect a watch of this quality, with so many features, to cost well into the 4-figures. So considering you can get it a just over $500 is incredible, a real bargain for sure.


The Cons…

So what are the negative points to this watch? One thing that we thought could be improved was the user manual. When you first get your AT9010-52M watch you will need to set up the atomic timing correctly. But the manual is not the most detailed, and does not make every part of the process that clear.

Tip: Go online and use the Citizen tool that is designed to set your watch up quickly and easily. It is much clearer than the user manual you get.

Is the Citizen AT9010-52M the right watch for you?

Make no mistake, this watch is quality throughout! Don’t think you need to be a football fan to appreciate this watch. If you didn’t know it was a limited edition Eli Manning watch, you would never know by looking at it. The colors look great, as does the whole watch. The Citizen AT9010-52M is the kind of watch that is going to last you a very long time, look great on your wrist, and be one of the, if not the most reliable watch you will ever have.

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