Citizen AT8010-58E Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch Review

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The Citizen Eco-Drive range has grown in both popularity and size over the years since the technology was first introduced by Citizen back in 1995.

The range includes watches of many different styles, for both men and women, and the one we are going to look at in this article is the Citizen AT8010-58E men’s world chronograph watch.

With a sleek and bold design that really catches the eye, the AT8010-58E chronograph is a radio-controlled world timer that offers atomic timekeeping in 5 different time zones and synchronized time adjustments in 26 cities worldwide.

The silver theme of the watch is owed to its stainless steel case and 3-link bracelet, which holds a number of advantages over its leather and titanium counterparts.

Running on the company’s exclusive Eco-Drive system, the watch is powered by light so there’s no need for batteries that will eventually die out. This model is also available in limited editions, with each piece coming in its own leather gift box.

Key features of the Citizen AT8010-58E

Eco-drive technology

Citizen AT8010-58E review

The folks behind Citizen harnessed the power of light to give you watches that do not depend on disposable batteries to run them, thereby giving added utility and function to each piece. Inside the Citizen AT8010-58E is a silicon light cell that absorbs both natural and artificial light, and generates it into the electricity needed to power the watch. This Eco-Drive technology is also great for the environment, as it takes away the need for using disposable batteries.

You won’t have to worry about losing a beat when there’s no light around you, as the excess energy absorbed from previous light sources go into a titanium Li-ion cell in the watch. This energy backup of sorts provides the energy whenever the solar cells run out of power. Plus, there is a power reserve indicator so you will always know when it is time for a recharge.

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Radio-controlled accuracy

This Eco-Drive model is radio controlled, and will sync to any of the 5 different time zones (Japan, China, Europe, North America, and the UK) that submit the radio signal for updating the time. Automatic time updates are also available in 26 cities around the world, so you instantly get the correct time virtually wherever you are, without you having to guess the new time and set it yourself. Other features include a 1/20 second chronograph which measures up to 60 minutes, 12/24-hour time, perpetual calendar, and stopwatch.

Case and bracelet design

The Citizen AT8010-58E has a silver tone, with its casing and 3-link bracelet all made out of stainless steel. Aside from the nice luster that it gives, stainless steel offers a number of benefits. For starters, this is an alloy that can handle lots of wear and tear so it’s great for the long haul. Stainless steel can also be repaired and buffing out scratches is relatively easy.

Dust and dirt are not a problem either as they can be easily wiped off. Additionally, the stainless steel case and bracelet can be gold plated if desired, which is impossible to do with its more expensive counterpart, titanium. Wearing the watch and taking it off can be done in a flash thanks to the fold-over clasp with hidden push-button locks.


The face of the watch has a textured scallop design feature that is very unique, and really suits the watch well and adds to the overall aesthetics. It also features textured chrono sub-dials along with luminous minute and hour hands. All these are protected and viewed under a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire window.

Useful information

The Citizen AT8010-58E Stainless Steel Eco-Drive A-T World Chronograph has a case size of 43 millimeters wide and 12 millimeters thick. Its bracelet has a men’s standard length of approximately 8.5 inches and width of 21 millimeters. The watch tips the scales at 16 ounces and is water-resistant up to 600 feet (200 meters). Citizen has the AT8010-58E covered with a 5-year limited warranty on parts and service.

The good stuff…Citizen-AT8010-58E-1

Okay, well where do you start with the positives for the Citizen AT8010-58E, as there are just so many!

The combination of the Eco-Drive technology, coupled with the Atomic timing ensures that this is really a set-it-and-forget-it watch. Meaning that once you first set this baby up, you just let it go and the technology will take care of the rest. Any exposure to light (both natural and man-made light) will keep the watch charged, and the AT technology will ensure that the watch is ALWAYS on time.

Technology aside, this watch is stunning to look at too! It will go with casual clothing just as well as it will go with a business suit; it is very versatile in how and when it can be worn. It probably does lean more towards being a dress watch, but put it on with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and see how good it looks too.

One thing that we really should mention here, that really is a massive plus for the Citizen AT8010-58E, is the price. Considering you can buy this watch for under $500, you are getting an incredible amount of quality (and value) for your money. This watch will out-perform watches that cost a lot more than this, and it is built to last too, so you can expect it to go on for years and years without any problems at all.

And the not-so good stuff…

So after all of this high praise for the AT8010-58E watch, are there any bad aspects to it, and areas where it could be improved?

Well, there certainly aren’t many, and definitely nothing that could be perceived as a major deal-breaker. But it is not the perfect watch either. While the scalloped texture used on the face design is very stylish indeed, it can cause a bit of a reflection when it hits a certain angle in the light. So when kept at this angle, it is harder to see the detail within the watch face. But of course, a slight 1 degree tilt of the wrist will quickly get rid of this problem.


Is the Citizen AT8010-58E right for you?

If you are looking for a high-quality watch at a very affordable price, then this watch fits that description perfectly. But then Citizen has a lot of watches that fit that description too. So it will largely come down to the design of the watch and your own personal taste. If you think the coloring and style of the watch is what you need then the Citizen AT8010-58E is an excellent option.

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