Casio GWA1000-1A G-Shock Analog Watch Review

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Casio has been known for building extremely durable watches that can take some serious beating. It all began in 1983, when Casio unveiled the first G-Shock to the world.

But it was only in 2009 when the company decided to take it a step higher and build watches that resemble aviator watches, such as the Casino GWA1000-1A.

After all, the “G” in G-Shock stands for Gravity. This gave birth to the Gravity Defier series, and the GWA1000-1A, a.k.a. the Sky Cockpit is one of its most popular models in this range.

This watch certainly has a lot of style to it, and it is not as gimmicky as the first G-Shock watches that came out, this one just oozes style and quality.

Key features of the Casino GWA1000-1A

Tough movement and solar power

As far as durability goes, the GWA1000-1A comes with the usual slew of velocity-resistant and shockproof features, along with the company’s Tough Movement technology. Also referred to as the 5240 movement module, this innovation makes use of special sensors for realigning the hands in case they tilt off key during intense shock or impacts to the watch.

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The tough movement is also powered by Solar light, so it never needs a battery change. Plus, the GWA1000-1A has a 6-band radio controlled movement which receives signals from atomic clocks in Europe, China, Japan, and the US, and calibrates itself automatically so you’re always up to date with the right time.

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Smart access technology

This G-Shock feature Casio’s Smart Access technology that will let you adjust time-zones with a simple pull and rotation of the electronic crown. This crown also has an exclusive locking system that makes speedy adjustments easier. The GWA1000-1A will also let you toggle through 5 different modes by pressing the lower left button, with the current mode displayed at the 6:00 position.

Casio GWA1000-1A review

During timekeeping mode, the day of the week will be indicated by the sub dial. Another nice feature of this mode is that it will let you check the temperature by pressing the button at the top right part of the watch. It reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius, with the hour hand indicating the hundreds, minute hand for the tens, and the second hand for single digits. After being idle for 5 seconds, the GWA1000-1A will revert to keeping the time.

Dial and timekeeping features


Overall, the GWA1000-1A has a cool design, with a dial that’s legible and balanced. While its digital cousins have electronic backlight functions, this G-Shock keeps it traditional with luminous hands and hour markers. Made from the brand’s Neo-Brite lumes, the hands and hour markers suck up the light to recharge and give you easy readability in the dark.

Other easy-to-use timekeeping features include the countdown timer, alarm, calendar, and 1/20th of a second chronograph. Together with the Smart Access and Tough Movement technologies, the Sky Cockpit marks the evolution of multi-function analog watches by Casio.

Case and bracelet

Since its way over the $100 mark, you can expect that the materials used for the GWA1000-1A are better in terms of quality and performance. Its casing is made with solid stainless steel all the way to the back for superb durability. The strap is available in metal or resin so you can choose which type of bracelet suits your style and needs.

You also get Casio’s Triple-G Resist technology, which works to resist vibrations. Together with the shock and centrifugal force resistance, the GWA1000-1A is a worry-free watch that stays accurate even after it takes a beating.


Additional information

The Casio GWA1000-1A G-Shock Gravity Defier has a case diameter of 47 millimeters and thickness of 16 millimeters. Its band has a Men’s Standard length of 8.5 inches and width of 26 millimeters. The GWA1000-1A tips the scales at approximately 16 ounces and is covered by Casio’s 1-year limited warranty on parts and service.

What’s to love about the GWA1000-1A…


The GWA1000-1A is a serious watch, and not a gimmicky style that G-Shock used to be known for when they first appeared on the scene. It is built to last, and the durability that the watch provides will suit those that will be wearing it during any physical activities, and it will stand up to any knocks and bumps it receives along the way.

Although this watch looks very bulky, it wasn’t as bad as we first thought it would be when it was being worn. It was also comfortable to wear, so if you want a watch that you can wear for long hours each day, the GWA1000-1A will certainly allow that. You also have atomic timing on this watch too, and it will update once a day to keep you right on time.

And what’s not to love…


There are a couple of little niggles with this watch. The first is the slider on the strap sometimes slips off, which can be a little annoying. You can squeeze it in a bit so it takes hold, but it would have been nice if we didn’t have to do this. The watch is also void of a built-in light. Although the luminous hands can be seen in lower light, they are not that bright and a light would have been a nice addition.

Do we recommend the Casino GWA1000-1A?

Don’t let the small points for improvement put you off this watch, as it really is a solid and reliable G-Shock that has a lot of quality to offer. Packed with functionality, the Casino GWA1000-1A is a great watch for the active person, and can be worn in a wide range of situations. This is a great watch, that offers a lot of value and quality.

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